How to find a Christian literary agent

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After finishing the task of completing your inspirational manuscript, you're ready to find a Christian literary agent to represent your book. While obtaining an agent is not necessarily required to get your book published, it helps in landing a book deal with a major publisher versus a small publishing house.

If you think your chances of finding a literary agent to represent your Christian title are minimal, think again. There are a number of Christian literary agents awaiting your manuscript.

Utilise Internet search engines. Type the words "Christian literary agents" in the search field. You'll get numerous results, complete with submission guidelines and contact information.

Visit your local bookshop or library and purchase or check out books that provide listings of Christian literary agents. There are numerous books listing literary agents in various categories. In particular, Sally Stuart's "Christian Writers' Market Guide" is updated annually. Writer's Digest's "A Guide to Literary Agents" also publishes yearly and contains a category for Christian literary agents.

Join a local writing group. Find a writing group in your area and meet with other writers on a regular basis. Fellow writers tend to share information in the industry with each other.

Attend a Christian writers convention. Converse with other Christian writers and publishers about your book. Pitch your book to agents at these conventions. There are a number of these events held every year in various cities.