Top 10 work at home jobs that are not scams

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According to The Rat Race Rebellion website, there are 57 fake work-at-home job advertisements for each one that is valid. Christine Durst, CEO of The Rat Race Rebellion, says the following are signs of valid employment: - The employer is known. -The advertisement has the company's name. - You have to fill out an application or go through an interview procedure. - Information you would find with other employment, like benefits and vacation, is mentioned. - Work examples or references are asked for. - The employer can describe what the job entails.

Medical transcriptionist

For many companies that hire medical transcriptionists, you will need specific education or experience. And while this job can be challenging (it requires listening to and transcribing what doctors say), it is in high demand. Earnings range from less than £6 to £13 and more per hour.

Virtual assistant

This career has lots of possibilities because the title includes several duties. For instance, you can own your own business or work for a large organisation. You can also work with small businesses as they often employ virtual assistants when they don't want to hire someone long-term. Some virtual assistants charge as little as £9 an hour and as much as £65 an hour.


If you're fluent in more than one language, you can translate audio or typed files directly and/or with cultural variations. The National Careers Service reported in November 2013 that freelance translators earn from £75 per thousand words. However rates for rare languages can go up to £180 paid per thousand words.

Web developer/designer

These individuals offer services such as template revisions and redesigns, custom Web design, code updates and usability reviews. This career is in high demand, as many small businesses and other organisations need websites for their companies.

Travel agent

Running an at-home travel agency can be a great business, and you can ultimately earn a six-figure income. "A solid business concept and plan focused on profitability will take you a long way to achieving your monetary goals," says Tom Ogg, who is part of Home Based Travel Agent Information Centre.

Call centre representatives

Call centres that don't go off-shore sometimes hire home-based operatives. Something to keep in mind when thinking about this career: you might be paid by the minute instead of by the hour.

Tech support specialist

Also hired by call centres, these individuals often work from home as well. Author Kate Lister identifies this as one of her "top three best-bet work-at-home-jobs." The Occupational Outlook Handbook suggests that this field will grow by 13 per cent by 2016.


Students now have the chance to study virtually, so teachers have the opportunity to educate students far away. Your income is generally based on how much work you put into it and the number of classes you teach.

Franchise owner

For a first investment, franchises might provide a "ready-made" business with brand recognition and a system in place. If you are interested in owning a franchise, Leslie Truex, founder of Work-At-Home Success, suggests thinking about the following business types: companies for older or self-employed individuals, and businesses that involve wellness, the environment or Internet tools.

Writer or editor

While the field of publishing has not been great, there are still opportunities available for those interested in writing, editing and proofreading, especially online. You can also try blogging for websites, creating your own blog or participating in revenue sharing. For blogging, the pay ranges from a few pounds per post to more than £25 per post.

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