How to become a lip model

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If you think you have a million-dollar smile, put your greenbacks where your grin is and start your career as a lip model. Lip models work do commercial work, displaying lip-related products such as make-up and foods, and they may do generic or stock photography work.

To become a lip model you will need to prepare a portfolio and contact a commercial modelling agency. It will help if you have a killer kisser.

Create a portfolio of photographs showcasing your lips. Use a professional photographer with experience in commercial photography, and have a professional make-up artist do your lips. You will want to have photos taken of you in a variety of lipstick colours as well as naturally, without any make-up, to showcase your lips in their own right.

Contact a commercial modelling agency. According to Aaron Marcus, author of "How to Become a Successful Commercial Model" any commercial modelling agency should be able to help you get started as a lip model.

Review potential lip modelling jobs with your agent. Your agent should be able to help you select jobs that you have a reasonable chance of landing. When you are starting out you will have less choice over your options, but as you build a portfolio you can expect to have more options.

Take jobs wherever you can find them when you are starting out. Photographers and artists are often looking for models of all sorts, and although they may pay little or nothing, they can help you to gain experience and to build your portfolio.