How to become a Calvin Klein model

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Calvin Klein models are some of the most famous and iconic in the world. Brooke Shields modelled for Calvin Klein when she was 15, reciting the famous slogan for CK jeans, "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins." Kate Moss, probably the most famous Calvin Klein model, began posing for his advertisements back in the eighties, notably with Mark Wahlberg. It is notoriously difficult to break into the world of modelling and get regular, paid work as a model that can sustain you and pay your bills. Becoming a Calvin Klein model is even more difficult, as Calvin Klein is a much more selective designer. While difficult, however, it's not impossible. Unless you're already famous, you'll need a reputable agent or photographer to help you achieve this goal.

Visit the website (see full address in the Resources below). This will give you a list of the top 12 modelling agencies in the United States. You want to approach the top agencies, as they will be able to send you out on castings for big jobs such as Calvin Klein advertisements. Small or mid-level agencies won't be able to do that.

Ask a friend to take snapshots of you. You will need approximately four snapshots--one full-length shot, one shot from the waist up, one shot from the shoulders up and another from the shoulders up with the head turned slightly to the side. Some agencies will ask for a close-up from the neck up, so take one of those as well, just in case. Don't wear any make-up and pose against a wall.

Visit the official website for each of the 12 agencies. Some of their websites will allow you to upload snapshots to the website for their immediate consideration; others will ask that you mail in snapshots. With either method, you will need to submit the measurements of your height, weight, chest, hips, cup size, dress size, shoe size, hair and eye colour. If agencies like what they see in these photos, they will call you immediately. You should never call them to follow up.

Go to an open call, if you live in a major city. Many of those 12 agencies have locations in several cities in the United States. Some of the agencies in the top 12 offer "open calls" once a week so that you can meet with an agent and find out immediately if they are interested in representing you. Always bring your snapshots to the open call. At an open call, agents will ask you to walk eight yards or so, to determine if you walk suitably for runway modelling. They will also assess your photos, ask for your age and height and possibly your weight. Always answer honestly.

Tell the agency that you'd like to be sent out on every casting call for Calvin Klein. It's important to communicate this to the agency and remind them of this every month or so. However, keep in mind that the agency may not be able to send you out on every casting call. For example, Calvin Klein may send out a casting call for redheads, and if you don't have red hair, the agency won't be able to submit you for consideration.

Dress for the audition, if you get one, like a typical Calvin Klein model. Wear simple, form-fitting clothing, in basic colours such as black, grey or white. Keep your make-up minimal. The typical height specification for a Calvin Klein model is 177.80 cm (five feet, 10 inches). Casting directors do make exceptions. Kate Moss is the most famous exception to this rule, as she is around five feet, seven inches.

Contact the U.S. Calvin Klein corporate office at 212-719-2600. From time to time, the brand has national or international contests to find the next male or female model. Ask if there is a contest ongoing now or when the next one will occur.

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