How to Become a QVC Model

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QVC offers models the opportunity to model clothing lines, showcase products and even host a QVC show. QVC looks for a variety of models who have appeal to mass audiences, including plus-size models, hand and foot models, and even make-up and hair models.

Becoming a model with QVC earns you valuable exposure to the public, both on screen and online. QVC however, does not hire models directly; rather recruitment efforts revolve around working with talent agencies and modelling agencies. This means prospective models must secure an agent and then direct that agent to send both photographs and stats to QVC.

Take modelling classes to learn the expectations of a model: how to move in front of an audience or the camera and how to highlight your unique features. Search for modelling courses offered at community colleges, with modelling and talent agencies and at private modelling studios. Search your phone book and advertisements posted in newspapers. Modelling classes will afford you a better understanding of the industry.

Visit a good photographer who can prove ample experience working with models to have both photos and head shots taken. Include a variety of photos of you modelling both clothing and showcasing products. Have the photographer take the best shots of you and consolidate them into a portfolio. Photographers experienced in working with models will accomplish this with striking accuracy.

Make a video highlighting your modelling by enlisting the services of a videographer experienced in working with models. The video must emphasise your ease in front of the camera, while moving around and posing, in addition to presenting products. The video should incorporate a variety of settings and you should incorporate different looks throughout the video. An experienced modelling videographer will provide valuable experience and insight into getting the video to come together and showcase your talents and features. This does not come together overnight but may take up to a year in putting together a good portfolio including both photos and video.

Secure the services of a modelling agent. Visit prospective agents in person and interview them with your portfolio in hand. Keep in mind the modelling agent has one job: to find work for the models the agency represents. Inquire about the success of the agencies' models and how the agency recruits talent. Discuss contract requirements and commissions. Select an agency that can prove a successful record of accomplishment, who works well with a variety of types of models and offers fair contract terms and commissions. Keep in mind contract terms and commissions vary considerably, depending on the type of services provided to the model. Steer clear of agencies that exhibit attitudes indicating the models need them and not the other way around. The relationship is mutual and in no way should superiority enter into the fray.

Instruct the agent hired to send your portfolio and stats (weight, height and body measurements) to QVC for consideration as per QVC requirements (see Resources).

Follow up with your agent until you receive an answer regarding your submission. It is the agent’s jobs to contact the appropriate representatives at QVC to gain consideration for your portfolio.