How do I make a child's sheep costume?

Updated November 21, 2016

Homemade costumes for children are economical and unique. You can make your child a costume for a fancy dress party, school play or even just for playing dress-up. Make your child a sheep costume using regular black and white clothing items, lots of cotton wool balls or polyester fibre stuffing and craft or charity shop finds. No sewing is required to complete this child's sheep costume, making it easy for anyone to do.

Dress your child in all black: black trousers or leggings, black long-sleeved shirt and black socks. Put a second pair of black socks on your child's hands. These clothes will make the base for your sheep costume.

Make the body of the sheep costume by cutting the sleeves off of a white sweatshirt that is a size or two too large for your child. The bigger size will allow it to fit down over his midsection and rear.

Apply fabric glue in small dots on the sweatshirt so that you can attach cotton wool balls or polyester stuffing to the outfit. Place the cotton balls close together for the best effect. This will be the sheep's woolly body.

Cut out a teardrop shape from a piece of black felt. Use fabric glue to glue this to the back of the sweatshirt near the bottom hem. This will become the sheep's tail.

Take a child-sized white hat or cap and cover it with glue and cotton or fibre fill as well. This will be your sheep's head. Add ears by cutting two small ovals out of black felt and gluing them onto the hat where a sheep's ears would be.

Use black eyeliner or stage make-up to paint your child's nose like that of a sheep. Give him a bell on a string to wear around his neck and teach him to "baaaa."

Things You'll Need

  • Black shirt and trousers
  • Black socks (2 pair)
  • Too-large white sweatshirt
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cotton wool balls or fibrefill stuffing
  • White hat
  • Black felt
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