How to Remove Rust From the Eyes

Updated February 21, 2017

Rust is a chemical reaction between air, water and metal that causes the metal to corrode. The first thing to happen in this reaction is the formation of a substance known as rust. Rust can usually be ground from metal, and people working in manufacturing can get rust in their eyes even if they are wearing safety goggles as it can get into the hair and fall into the eyes long after the job is completed and the safety goggles are removed. There is more than one way to remove rust from the eye. Sometimes if you don't catch it in time, it can become embedded in your eye and ultimately cause loss of vision.

Wet one end of a cotton swab with water.

Hold your eye open and gently rub the rust off of your eye.

Flush the eye with water until all loose rust particles are out of the eye.

Fill a syringe with warm milk.

Squirt warm milk into your eye. The milk will put vital nutrients into your eye and encourage quick healing.


If the rust is embedded in the eye, more drastic measures may be required. These drastic measures include an opthalmologist using a needle and grinding tool similar to a Dremel tool to remove the rust from the eye.

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton swab
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Syringe
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