How to get old school pictures

Updated February 21, 2017

School photos capture moments in time that only occur once in most people's lives, such as the senior prom, a historic football championship, or the launch of a new school organisation. While some people purchase yearbooks while they are still in school or take plenty of photos to document their formative years, others don't. Or these items may get lost over the years. Fortunately, there are some other ways to get old school photos.

Visit your alma mater's library. Many school libraries, including grade schools, high schools, and universities, keep a copy of old yearbooks. Some school's have yearbooks that go back 30 years or more.

If you find the school pictures you're looking for, you will need to make copies of them at the library--most school libraries don't allow yearbooks to be checked out.

Contact former classmates by e-mail or phone and ask if they still have a copy of your yearbook or old candid photos. If you need to find your classmates, you can join a site such as GradFinder or ClassMates, or a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace.

Alternatively, you can conduct a paid "people search" through a service such as Intelius. Depending upon how in depth you want the search to be, the cost for each search will be between £1.30 and £19. The drawback: there's no guarantee that the information you pay for will be up to date.

Attend your class reunion. At most reunions, a yearbook or two are laid out for everyone to look at. If the photos you're searching for are in the yearbook, you can ask the coordinator of the reunion to copy or scan them, and send them to you via e-mail or postal mail.

Browse through a school photo service such as Find School Pictures or World School Photographs. These archives of yearbook and candid school photos are free, and they typically list schools from across the country. If you went to a relatively large or well-known school, the chance that you will find the photos you're looking for will be higher.

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