How to Remove Schlage Lock Lever Handles

Although your Schlage lock lever handles are an attractive addition to your home, you may need to remove the handles if you want to change the look or rekey the door. The Schlage door lever handle lock is not much different from any other locking handle. You only need one hand tool and a paper clip to remove the handles and the complete lock assembly.

Open the door so that you can access both the inner and outer door handles.

Locate the small hole on the opposite end of the lever. The hole will be on the collar of the handle. There is a spring-loaded pin that locks the handle into place.

Bend a small paper clip so that it is straight. Push the paper clip into the pin hole to release the lock. Pull on the lever handle to pull it off the stem.

Open the door so that you can access both the inside and outside lever handles.

Remove the two screws securing the inside door handle plate with a Phillips screwdriver. The screws secure the inside handle and outside handle together to the door.

Grab both handles and pull them away from the door.

Remove the two screws securing the latch assembly to the inside door edge with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the latch assembly straight out of the door edge.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper clip
  • Phillips screwdriver
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