How to Make Funny Mii Characters on the Wii

The Nintendo Wii console carries the feature of allowing users to create 'cartoony,' doll-like avatars called Miis. Many new Wii users spend hours creating a Mii army before they even play their first game. While the Mii creation capabilities come with a finite number of feature options, the ability to mix and manipulate these options gives you a seemingly endless potential to make funny Miis resembling celebrities, animals or your own original cubist concoction. Whether you want to golf with Bob Hope, bowl with Futurama's Col. Zoidberg or play baseball with Darth Vader, a little grappling with the Mii features can make it possible.

Use your Wii remote to select the Mii Channel from the main Wii Channel menu. Click on the "New Mii" icon, a smiley face with a plus sign in a speech bubble above its head.

Select your Mii's gender, which determines whether your Mii wears a shirt or a dress. Adjust your Mii's appearance using the icons on the top of the screen. These allow you to select body type, head shape, hairstyle, eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips and such accessories as glasses or facial hair. The features include several silly options: a snout-like nose, for example, or oversized, bulging eyes.

Use the icons to the right of your Mii to resize, recolor and reshape its various features, an essential component of creating silly or non-human Miis. You can enlarge eyebrows, for example, and move them down well below the eyes, creating the appearance of a monstrous mouth. Moving eyes up high and a pair of sunglasses down low gives your Mii the appearance of four eyes. Spreading the eyes far apart gives the Mii a space alien look.

Work off a photograph of a favourite celebrity or cartoon character if you have trouble visualising or coming up with a funny Mii on your own. Alternatively, you can download Nintendo's Check Mii Out channel to view Miis created around the world as well as share and get feedback on your own Miis. Also visit websites such as or, which have examples of hundreds of celebrity and silly Miis with detailed instructions, down to each specific profile feature, on how to recreate them.

Select "Quit," then "Save and Quit" and give your Mii a name. Select "OK," then select the option to allow your new Mii to mingle. This makes your Mii playable in any game that uses Mii avatars.


Your Mii's favourite colour in its profile determines the colour of its skirt or shirt, so change this if you want your funny Mii to wear a specific colour. A Wii allows storage of up to 100 Miis in the Mii Plaza. Your funny Miis stored there will not only be playable characters but also will show up as background characters and opponents in many Wii games.


Don't submit Miis you copied from website templates as your own to the Check Mii Out channel. Mii creators are proud of their work, and this is plagiarism. Confine them for your personal gaming use.

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