How to raise a bed for storage underneath

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are looking for extra storage, consider utilising the space under your bed. This space is often forgotten and unused. By lifting your bed, you can easily slide storage boxes into the previously neglected space. This will allow you to safely store items and remove clutter from your bedroom. Under the bed is a great space to store linens and seasonal items. Beds can be easily lifted by commercial bed risers. These items are also known as bed elevators. Risers are available at department stores, online, and at linen and home goods stores.

Count the number of legs on the bed frame. For the bed to balance properly, you will need a riser for each leg. Larger-size beds will usually have an extra leg in the middle of the frame.

Measure the current space between the floor and the bottom of your bed. Subtract this number from the height of the tallest item you plan to store under the bed. This will give you the minimum height needed for the riser. For example, the current space between the floor and your bed measures 6 inches. The storage box you plan to place under the bed has a height of 9 inches. You will need to purchase a riser that raises the bed at least 3 inches.

Calculate the combined weight of the people and any pets that sleep in the bed. Add this weight to the approximate weight of the mattress, bed frame and box spring. Risers have a suggested maximum weight that can be accommodated. Exceeding this amount could cause the riser to break and be a safety concern.

Shop for risers. Risers are available in a variety of materials, finishes, heights and weight capacities. Risers are usually sold in sets of four to six risers. Purchase risers that meet your needs for decor, safety and storage.

Remove the mattress and box spring from the bed frame. Place one riser under each leg of the bed. Some risers can be stacked to allow for greater height. Replace the mattress and box spring.


Decorate the bed with a bed skirt long enough to reach the floor and hide any stored items. Place stored items in boxes that can easily slide out from under the bed. An inexpensive substitute for risers are breeze blocks. Place one under each leg of your bed.


Check to be sure that the bed legs are firmly placed in the risers. Incorrect placement can cause damage to the riser and potentially cause the bed to collapse.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Risers
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