How to Remove Wrinkles From Leather Seats

Leather seats create an upscale atmosphere in a car -- but only if the seats are maintained properly. Faded, wrinkled and cracked leather detracts from the look of a car interior just as much as well-maintained leather adds to it. Understandably, wrinkles are a common problem with leather car seats. Squirming passengers and frequent use generates creases quickly, and occasionally damp conditions only exacerbate the problem. Although creased seats can be a frustration to car owners, the process to remove wrinkles from leather seats is fast and straightforward. You can use the same technique to remove creases from any leather furniture.

Turn the iron on and set it to the lowest possible heat setting. Perform the next step while allowing the iron to heat up.

Cut a brown paper bag to create a single sheet of paper large enough to cover the wrinkles in the leather seats. Use the thickest brown paper bag you can find. Check the paper bag for cleanliness before using it -- discard any dirty areas.

Flatten the paper over the wrinkles on the leather seat. Smooth out the paper as well as you can.

Iron the sheet of paper. Keep the iron moving constantly to avoid overly heating any one portion of the leather, which can make it shiny. Avoid accidentally touching the iron to the bare leather around the paper. Continue until the wrinkle disappears.

Repeat for other creases as necessary.


An iron left in place or using a high heat setting can burn leather quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • Iron
  • Brown paper bag
  • Scissors
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