Directions for Beaded Hair Combs

Add colourful pizazz to your hair with beads. If you love beads in necklaces, earrings and bracelets, spread the colour to your hair by making beaded hair combs. Imagine the possibilities when you take a simple plastic comb and embellish it with beautiful beads. Even a novice beader can choose a few beads and quickly make beaded hair combs for any occasion.

Cut a 2.5-foot-long length of beading wire.

Insert one bead onto the beading wire and push the bead to the centre point along the wire.

Insert one end of the beading wire through a second bead and insert the other end of the beading wire through the same bead from the opposite end of the bead. Pull the beading wire taut around both beads and make sure the beads line up snug to each other.

Add more beads by repeating step three until your line of beads is as long as the bridge of the comb. Leave the excess beading wire intact.

Place the line of beads over the bridge of the comb, lining it up precisely where you want it.

Hold the beads in place and use the excess beading wire to wrap the line of beads onto the comb. Take the two ends of beading wire to the back side of the comb and come up between the last two beads you added to the wire.

Loop the one end of the beading wire across and back to the back side of the comb (through the teeth) and loop the other end of the beading wire across and back to the back side of the comb (over the top of the comb). Make the two wires cross in front between the beads.

Cross the two wires again on the back side of the comb and come back up to the front between the next two beads.

Repeat steps seven and eight until you have crossed the beading wire between each bead and you are on the other end of the comb.

Twist the two ends of the beading wire together to secure them and tuck the ends of the wire in between the wrapped wire. Clip any excess wire to finish.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire clippers
  • Thin beading wire (26 gauge)
  • 10 beads (Size 8 to 10mm)
  • Plastic hair combs
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