How to Clip Lhasa Apso Hair

Updated April 17, 2017

Lhasa apso dogs have beautiful coats that require maintenance. Daily brushing is needed to prevent and remove knots and clipping the hair might be necessary to maintain a certain style or to keep the dog tidy. Groomers typically enjoy working with these dogs, but if you want to trim your dog's coat yourself, there are a few techniques to follow.

Brush your Lhasa's hair with a slicker or pin brush. Clipping hair that is free of tangles or debris will make for easier cutting. However, if the dog is too matted, you might have to shave the some mats without first brushing the coat.

Place your clippers behind the head of the dog and work the blade down toward the Lhasa's rear if you are shaving the dog. Work in the direction that the hair grows and gently press the blade against the skin. Going against the grain will make for choppy, uneven cutting and can even injure the dog by cutting the skin. Therefore, work from front to back and, when clipping the legs, cut from top to bottom. Use a No. 7F or No. 5F blade for hair that is severely matted and a No. 4F blade for a short trim. For a long trim, use a No. 30F blade with a No. 1 comb.

Clip the hair on the stomach and sanitary area with a No. 10F blade. This blade almost completely removes the hair from the area and is useful in areas that can get dirty, such as the stomach, anal and genital areas. Clip these areas in the direction that the hair grows, being very careful not to cut the skin. The clipping of these areas is generally done whether Lhasa's are getting their hair cut short or when the hair is left long.

Trim the hair between the Lhasa apso's foot pads with scissors or a No. 15F blade. Be very careful not to cut the pads. Cut the hair on the top of the foot using a pair of scissors. You can brush the hair up toward the dog's leg so that it is standing up and trim it or you can simply trim the hair that is hanging over the foot.


Lhasa apsos that are being shown do not get shaved. Consult with a groomer for the breed's standard haircut.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair clippers
  • Blades
  • Slicker or pin brush
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