How to keep a hair wig from falling

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you like to change your look and hair style frequently or you've lost your hair, wigs offer options, comfort and security. You can choose from synthetic wigs or real human hair wigs. No matter the make of the wig, they all share one common problem: They can slip and slide. If the wig is worn over your natural hair, the silkiness of your hair will make the wig slip constantly. A wig cap helps, but it can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are options that do not take too much time or trouble to keep your wig from falling.

Fit hair under the mesh wig cap. Many wigs will come with a wig cap. If yours doesn't, they can be purchased at any beauty supply shop or wig salon.

Adjust the hair wig so it sits on your head properly and comfortably.

Put one hair clip under the hair of the wig and pierce the pin through the mesh cap on the right side.

Attach the hair clip to your hair inside the cap.

Do the same on the left side, the back of the cap and the front of the cap. Once all hair clips are in place, the wig will be securely in place.

Figure out where you would like the toupee clips to be placed (generally in the front, back, and on both sides). Make sure the toupee clips are bent opened. Toupee clips are combed clips that bend open and snap shut to securely attach the mesh cap to the natural hair underneath. They can be purchased at any beauty supply shop or wig salon.

Thread the needle and tie the end of the thread into a knot (purchase a thread in the same colour as the wig). Place the toupee clip on the area of the mesh wig cap that you wish to secure.

Stitch the toupee clip directly onto the mesh cap. This can be done easily by using a simple stitch.

Continue to stitch the rest of the toupee clips onto the mesh cap.

Attach the clips to your natural hair beneath the mesh cap and bend them shut.

Purchase a wig with plastic tape tabs. The plastic tape tabs are necessary since the tape will not stick to the mesh cap or to the wig hair.

Take a piece of wig tape and stick it to one of the plastic tabs. Make sure the tape is on the outside of the tab so it can be attached to your head.

Continue attaching the wig tape to rest of the tabs on the wig.

Place the wig right on top of the head and press down firmly to adhere the wig to the head. The tape is safe and will not hurt when it's pull off the skin.


If you prefer not to wear a mesh cap, the toupee clips can be attached to the wig and clipped onto the natural hair. Wear a "Comfy Grip" headband under the wig to prevent it from sliding. Like any regular headband, it goes under the back of the head and behind your ears.

Things You'll Need

  • No-slip wig cap
  • Several hair clips
  • Toupee clips
  • Needle and Thread
  • Double-sided tape
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