How to Date a Taurus Male

Updated June 13, 2017

Stubborn, sensual and intensely loyal, Taurus men make excellent partners for anyone seeking long-lasting love. These astrological bulls may not be as intuitive as Cancers or as quick-witted as Geminis, but they offer enormous patience and dedication to any mate who treats them well. Their earth-sign status keeps them fixated on the physical world and sensory experiences. As long as you offer material comforts, provide security and put up with occasional bullheadedness, dating a Taurus man can be a deeply enjoyable experience.

Commit to an exclusive relationship. Tauruses are one-partner people, and they don't like sharing. Even if you're not certain your Taurus man is "the one," avoid dating others at the same time you date him, and never hint that you want an open relationship. To placate the possessive nature of the bull, assure the Taurus man you're his and his alone.

Plan outdoor activities with the Taurus man. As earth signs, Tauruses feel at home in nature; they find fresh air and lush scenery deeply rejuvenating. Instead of spending your time together cooped up inside, invite the Taurus man to go hiking, camping or even picnicking in a beautiful park with you.

Demonstrate physical affection. A Taurus man is extremely tactile and exhibits a refined sense of touch, so he craves physical closeness with a partner. Hold the Taurus man's hand, lavish him with kisses and don't skimp on the cuddling; sensual acts convince him of your love.

Incorporate food into your dates. Tauruses are the gourmands of the zodiac, savouring fine meals and delighting in decadent desserts. To please a Taurus man's palate, take him to upscale restaurants, surprise him with a box of chocolates, invite him to wine-tasting events or simply cook him a delicious meal at home. The way to a Taurus man's heart truly is through his stomach.

Give the Taurus man tangible gifts. Reciting poetry might seduce a Pisces, but Tauruses are materially oriented; they like having something to view, touch, smell or wear. Offer him items with sensory appeal, such as clothing made from silky fabrics, fragrant candles or cologne, massage oils or a piece of stunning artwork.

Let the Taurus man control the pace of the relationship. Astrological bulls are famous for their obstinacy, and this trait emerges full-force when a Taurus feels pressured in any way. Don't rush him to meet your parents, move in with you or buy you an engagement ring; let him progress at a speed he's comfortable with.


Although many Taurus men are financially prosperous, they can be stingy when it comes to spending, so don't demand lavish gifts or expensive dates.

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