How to Date the Virgo Man

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Your love life has taken a nosedive lately, and you want to see if astrology can help pick things back up. There's a particular Virgo man in mind that you like, but you've heard they're a picky and difficult lot.

You need to know what the stars say about how to date this guy -- everything from holding his attention to getting a marriage proposal. Luckily, all it takes is a few easy-to-remember suggestions to steer you and that Virgo into relationship bliss.

Take the initiative. Virgo men can be shy, almost reclusive, and hesitant to take the first step. Decrease his anxiety over possible rejection by asking him out on that important first date. Suggest restaurants, movies and activities, so he doesn't have to make all the decisions. Don't be surprised if he says, "Whatever you want to do is fine." This doesn't indicate a lack of interest or enthusiasm. Virgos are flexible, and if he thinks that his girl will have fun on a date, he'll be all to happy to go along, no matter what he activity.

Be practical. Although it may seem like a bore to you, Virgos are earth signs, and nothing turns them off faster than a flighty, flaky date. Be in a stable job or working towards one and be able to rattle off a list of recent goals that you've accomplished. Virgos like to see stability and hard work in a potential mate. Don't flaunt your credit card debt of too-expensive sports car. Virgos hate gauche, over-the-top ways of living.

Pay attention to details. Virgo men are sticklers for perfection, and the extra effort you expend will be noticed. Serve a meal where the silverware is spotless, the napkins have perfect creases and, of course, the food is delicious and expertly prepared.

Calm their nerves. Virgo men are prone to anxiety, so anything you can do to soothe them, such as making them a cup of tea, will be most appreciated.

Say what you want. Virgo men are open to suggestion and see women as very much an equal partner in the relationship. Avoid being coy or playing games. Make straightforward, honest assessments of how you see the relationship and what your goals are for the future. Virgos value family and children more than many other signs and are often among the first of their friends to settle down and get married.