How to Tell If an Aries Guy Cares Images

If you are dating an Aries guy, a man born between March 21 and April 20, you're dealing with an enthusiastic, independent leader who can be very moody and short-tempered. Of the zodiac signs, an Aries is said to be one of the fieriest with temperaments, waiting to self-combust in an instant.

Ironically it's the other part of his personality -- the generous, friendly side -- that creates balance, so you're left with quite a unique character. An Aries man is as much a lover as he is a fighter, so being with him may leave you scratching your head, wondering if he really cares about you. Notice the signs of his affection to determine how he really feels.

See how much time he's willing to give you. With his independent nature, he doesn't require a lot of time together as would a man born under one of the clingier signs. He has no fear going out alone or doing things with no one else tagging along. Getting on his personal invitation list means you are deserving of sharing that space that he usually floats around in by himself.

Give him a chance to be a good friend. If you're in need, your Aries man will do whatever he can to be supportive of you. Ask him for advice, and you will find that not only is he eager to offer it, he will give you his unbiased answer. He seeks happiness in being able to help you, and his generosity is genuine.

Flatter his ego. Give him encouragement, and flirt with him and watch as his interest grows immediately. Consider your compliments as coins granting access to a candy machine which dispenses as much candy as you have coins. The more you make him feel great about himself, the more he will let his guard down and give more of himself to you. Don't worry about your efforts being tit-for-tat with him. You don't have to tell him that he looks amazing so he will tell you that you look amazing, although he probably will. Your compliments will lead to him asking to spend more time with you or being more open about his feelings for you.

Let him spoil you. Reap the benefits of his pleasing personality. If he cares about you, he will do little things that he knows will make you happy, including fun-filled adventures. Don't get confused by his zeal. Although it may seem like he's just showering you with affection, gifts and time for his own benefit, he's the type of guy that knows he doesn't have to buy his way into getting what he wants. His charm and wit attracts many, so if he's with you, it's because he wants to be.