How to Convert 2 Single Mattresses into 1 Large Bed

Updated April 17, 2017

Converting two single mattresses into one large bed is an economical way to create a new bed without the added expense of buying an entire new box spring and mattress. At some point you may have noticed the box spring on other king size beds; it is essentially two twin box springs. If you have two spare twin beds and their box springs, combine them and place them on a larger frame to simulate a king size bed.

Obtain a king size bed frame. Frames are available to purchase separately; you can find them in the bedding section at most stores. A good place to check for inexpensive bed frames is a mass merchandiser such as Walmart.

Assemble the frame according to the manufacturer's directions. Typically the same frame fits a queen or king size bed.

Place the first box spring on the frame. If it does not fit, adjust the frame accordingly. Place the second box spring on, and adjust the frame if needed. If installed correctly, both box springs should sit right next to each other. Place each twin mattress on top of its box springs.

Place a mattress topper over the two mattresses if you desire so that the mattresses do not separate and you do not fall through while sleeping. Mattress toppers are another way to add extra comfort without the added expense of a new mattress. Purchase a twin bed connector, which is made specifically for joining two twin beds together and is available online.


Look for bed frames that have wheels. This will make for easy movement of your bed during the installation process and when you want to move your bed to a different area of the room.


Never place box springs directly on the floor if you do not have a king size frame. Box springs may ruin carpeting and other types of flooring.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 twin size box springs
  • 2 twin size mattresses
  • Queen/king size frame
  • Mattress topper or twin bed connector (optional)
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