How to buy plastic tubes for flowers

Updated February 21, 2017

Floral tubes come in a variety of lengths, sizes and types. They have been used in projects by florists for many years. These polypropylene plastic tubes are unbreakable and easy to use. A snap-on cap closes off one end of the water-filled tube. The cap has a stretchable hole in the centre, allowing you to insert a flower stem into the tube. These tubes can be used for transporting fresh flowers from an event to your home, including wedding pieces or funeral flowers with "pik" tubes inserted into foam shapes and corsages.

Check your local big box store that sells supplies for floral projects. You might be able to find a package of 12 to 24 tubes.

Look for plastic flower tubes at an online retail floral supply site.

Inquire at your local grocery store that sells fresh-cut flowers and ask if you can purchase floral tubes there. If the store has none on hand, ask if you can order the tubes the next time the store orders floral supplies from a wholesaler.

Call your local florist and ask if you can purchase a number of plastic floral tubes from him.


Check out the types and sizes of available floral tubes before ordering, so that you can calculate exactly what you need.

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