Hi, my name's Chris Palmer. In this segment, I'm going to show you how to use an angle grinder. To put a blade on your angle grinder, you remove this collar. There's a spindle lock that will keep the blade from spinning. That collar stays in place, by the way. The spindle lock keeps the blade from spinning while you put pressure on it. Now, this collar can be used in two ways. This way is when it's flush on the wheel. This way is when this little raised area ring hits inside the wheel you're putting on your tool. You'll know which is which by looking at your tool. This one, you can see, has room for this ring to go inside it. So, the collar goes that direction. Your grinder comes with a special wrench. These two points fit in the holes on your collar with the spindle lock depressed. I just give it a nice, secure tighten, and you're ready to work. You can put a grinding wheel on there, or a cutting wheel. You can also put hole saws on there, particularly diamond tipped hole saws are really helpful for cutting tile, or something like that. What you want to do to use an angle grinder is always use your safety glasses, especially if you're cutting metal. There's hot metal flying around. Safety glasses are really important, as well as hearing protection. It's a pretty loud tool. You put the grinding wheel of your choice on the tool. Make sure you pick the right wheel. There's cutting wheels, and there's all different grits of grinding wheels. Put the wheel on there, have your work supported firmly, maybe even clamp down. Hold the tool up to your workpiece smoothly and securely, whether you're cutting or grinding, or making a hole. Just keep a good grip on that tool. Keep the safety guard in place so that it's pushing the sparks or debris away from you, and be careful of your fingers and hands. I'm Chris Palmer. Thanks for watching. That's how you use an angle grinder.