Hi, I'm Chris Bryce with superservice.com. And I'd like to talk to you about, how to reinstall Windows Operating Systems. Now with any of the Windows Operating Systems that are out there, you can take the Windows Operating Systems installation CD, such as the Windows XP installation CD, you would insert it in the CD drive, or the DVD drive, before the system boots up. It will give you the option of booting from that CD or DVD, and you'll select any key in order to do that. I usually like to press the G key, because that reminds me of, go. So once you hit that key, and boot from the CD or DVD, it'll walk through the installation process. And it will ask you if you want to do a clean install, or if you want to do a re-installation. Choose the re-installation, and it will offer you options of, installing over what's already there, or, installing and keeping all of your data and program files. Depending on the choice that you have, whether you want to install cleanly, or if you want to reinstall and keep all of your data, that's where you'll make that decision. That's the easiest way to re-install your Windows Operating System, and will work on any Windows installation CD.