How to Date a Leo Man

Updated February 21, 2017

Leo falls between July 23 and Aug. 22 in the Zodiac calendar. It is a masculine sign ruled by the sun and the element of fire. Leos are fiercely loyal and can be domineering sometimes, but their charismatic personalities help to soften their negative traits. Leos also tend to be showmen, and yours might be the best-dressed man you ever date, so be prepared to spent a little more on your date.

Consider the best places in the area to see beautiful or famous people. Leo is the most extravagant sign in the Zodiac. Your man probably likes nice things and enjoys being seen in the most notable places. Buy the most recent Zagat’s Guide, and keep an eye on the food and dining sections of your local papers. Go to a gallery opening or an exclusive movie screening. He also enjoys the theatre. Buy the best seats; the VIP special will be sure to impress. Leos often prefer to be in the driver's seat, so praise his choices excessively. He shines at the centre of your adoration.

Prepare a meal for your Leo if you are a great cook. If not, order takeout from someplace fancy. Be sure to serve it on your finest china, and iron those cloth napkins your mother made you buy. Set up candles and spend some money on fresh flowers (exotic ones if you can: lilies for fragrance or orchids for the unusual sensuality). Ask your Leo to bring the wine; you'll be impressed by his choice. It helps to gush over his beautiful selection, mention the aroma and comment on how nicely it complements the meal. Don't forget dessert--the more extravagant the better.

Dress the part when dating a Leo man. He likes beautiful things. Do not wear jeans with holes in them, and stay away from trendy fads; it doesn’t impress a Leo. This is a man who is most comfortable in a three-piece suit when he is out and about. Wear your best clothes, but don't try to show him up: Leo men like to be the centre of attention. Try to wear gold because that's Leo’s signature metal. For those of you wearing make-up, keep it light on your face. Leo men tend to grow irritated when looking at a woman wearing too much make-up.

Stand out. If you really want to drive your Leo man wild, make him laugh. The only thing Leos enjoy more than being gushed over for all their overwhelming charms is a fine sense of humour. This can also be useful when he takes you out to a social function. Leos crave the admiration of others, so be prepared to dazzle them with your charms. Think of yourself as Grace Kelly on the arm of the prince of Monaco, and you should be fine.

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