How to Remove Keratin Hair Extensions

Updated February 21, 2017

Keratin tipped hair extensions are applied to the hair using the fusion method, which involves melting keratin (the adhesive) with a heat wand, then rolling the softened keratin around a very small section of hair with the fingers. This method effectively glues false hair onto natural hair. Although it may seem like removing glue from your hair may be difficult, removing keratin extensions is actually a relatively easy process. Whether the extensions were applied incorrectly, or your hair has begun to grow out, using a few simple materials will allow you to successfully remove your extensions.

Pour a few drops of acetone directly onto the dried keratin bond. Keep in mind that the bond must be fully dry before attempting to remove it. Avoid getting acetone on the scalp or hair.

Crunch the bond using the pliers repeatedly. The combination of the acetone and the pressure from the pliers will break the keratin down.

Use your fingers to turn the bond while continuing to crunch with the pliers.

Twist the loosened bond in your fingers, then slowly pull the extension from your natural hair.

Comb your hair to remove any leftover glue chunks.


Acetone can severely dry out hair and irritate the scalp. Use caution when applying acetone to a keratin bond.

Things You'll Need

  • Acetone (nail polish remover)
  • Rigid pliers
  • Comb
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