Advantages of Fiberglass Nail Extensions

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To apply fibreglass nail extensions, also known as nail wraps, a professional nail technician coats natural nails with layers of fibreglass mesh. The technician treats the mesh with resin, then with an activator to harden the extension. Nail extensions are considered more durable than natural nails.

Women typically use them to get the look of longer, perfect nails and as a base for wearing nail polish, nail art and various nail decorations.

Aesthetic Appeal

Fibreglass nail extensions tend to look much more aesthetically appealing than natural nails. Nail extensions are usually flawless and professionally applied. They may utilise artificial nail tips, which have been machined to exact specifications, so they provide a perfect nail shape and length for the wearer's fingers. Nail extensions lend themselves to finishing techniques such as airbrushing, which do not work as well on natural nails. This means the wearer can sport more eye-catching designs on the extensions than on natural nails.

Thin and Flexible

Fibreglass nail extensions are thinner than most other types of nail extensions, such as acrylic wraps. The thinness causes the extension to more closely resemble a natural nail; therefore, fibreglass nails are less detectable during wear than acrylic nails. The thinness means the nail extensions are also more flexible, which allows the wearer more freedom of movement. Stiffer nail extensions restrict the wearer's ability to perform some activities.

Nail Biting

Nail biters often benefit from wearing nail extensions. The fibreglass fibres are tough and resistant to tearing and biting. The chemical finishes used in the nail extension tend to taste offensive and will deter the nail-biting habit. Nail extensions offer nail biters the chance to have beautiful, long nails and give their cuticles a chance to heal and grow.

Nail Decorations

Nail polish adheres to fibreglass nail extensions better than it does to natural nails. This means less chipping and peeling, and it also means your manicures will last longer. Nail technicians can coat nail polish with a layer of activator during when applying extensions, so the nail polish will not be subjected to normal wear and tear. Nail extensions are strong enough to be pierced and can support decorations such as nail dangles and nail decals.