How to Make a Stocking Cap Wig

Purchasing custom-made wigs can become quite expensive. However, if you have the time and the patience, you can create your own customised wig, also known as a quick weave, by using a simple stocking cap. Although it is not required, you can also purchase a head bust to make the creation of your wig a bit easier.

Purchase a wig stocking cap, hair weave and weave glue from your local beauty supply store. If you don't want to purchase a stocking cap, you can also cut off the foot of a pair of stockings. The price of the hair weave will vary depending on the brand, style and amount of bags purchased. The price of weave glue will also vary depending on the brand you purchase.

Braid your real hair into cornrows or wrap and secure it into place using hair clips.

Place the stocking cap onto your head or onto your head bust. If you purchased your stocking cap from the beauty supply store, the fit of the cap will already be snug. However, if you opted to cut off a pair of stockings, you will have to secure the fit of the cap by tying a knot along the nape of the cap.

Open a bag of the hair weave. Comb through the weave to rid it of tangles. Starting at the nape of your stocking cap, while the cap is still on your head, begin gluing the weave to the stocking cap. Continue to glue the weave to your stocking cap, in a counter clockwise direction, around the entire circumference of your head. Weave your cap all the way to the top of your head, until there is only a dime-sized opening remaining at the top centre of the cap.

Cut a 3-inch piece of hair weave. Roll the end of weave tightly in your fingers so that the weft or track of the weave appears in a bundled circle. Place weave glue onto the bottom of the track.

Insert the bottom of the track into the dime-sized opening that was left in Step 4. Hold the track in place for about five minutes to ensure the glue is completely dry.

Cut and style your stocking cap wig however you desire.

Things You'll Need

  • Wig stocking cap
  • Hair weave
  • Weave glue
  • Bobby pins
  • Comb
  • Scissors
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