How to View SMS Messages History on an Orange Mobile

Updated February 21, 2017

Orange Mobile, originally specific to the United Kingdom, can now be found throughout the world. Like many other wireless providers, Orange Mobile allows its users the ability to send and receive SMS, or text, messages. The history of these messages can later be viewed on the phone.

Power on the cell phone and press the "Menu" button (this will vary slightly from phone to phone).

Press the directional arrows on the phone until you reach "Text Messages." Select this by either pressing "OK" or "Send."

Select "History," and you will be shown the multiple contacts the phone has sent or received messages from.

Select the individual contact to read the conversation. Press "Back" to go back to the previous SMS history page.


Accessing the SMS message history will differ slightly depending on make and model, but most text history can be found in the same way.

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