How to make homemade room dividers

Updated February 21, 2017

Room dividers work well in any home. They can create extra living space in a small room by dividing it into two separate areas or blocking off areas in larger rooms that you want hidden, such as a closet. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to buy a fancy room divider, you can make one yourself. Customise the design the way you want and buy the materials for only a fraction of the price.

Choose two folding closet doors that fit in with the room you're decorating or the design you want to create. Doors can be found at a flea market or taken from a closet in your own home. As long as they fold in the middle, they'll work.

Place the two closet doors side by side. Measure the location of the hinges that are already on each set of closet doors and copy those measurements for placement of the hinges to attach the two sets together.

Attach the two sets of doors together with two hinges and a drill. Screws should come with the hinges. The first hinge should be attached towards the top, and the second hinge towards the bottom.

Paint or decorate the closet doors. You can use one colour or stencils to create designs. Consider adding rub-on decals as well if your closet doors have enough flat space on them.

Stand the divider up in the desired location and adjust it until it stands on its own.

Things You'll Need

  • Two folding closet doors
  • Two hinges with screws
  • Drill
  • Ruler
  • Paint and/or decorations


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