How to Cut a Side Fringe

A side fringe is very popular among girls and women of all ages. A side fringe is a fringe that sweeps bangs from a short length on one side to a longer length on the other side across the forehead. Because a side fringe is slightly longer, it can be easy to maintain. There are many easy hair styling options for hair that's cut in a side fringe as well.

Lay the comb flat on the top of the head perpendicular to the hairline. Tip the comb back toward the crown of the head. Notice the point where the comb comes off of the top of the head. This will be the farthest point of the fringe on the top of the head. Mark this point with a hair clip.

Comb down diagonally from the point created in step 1 toward the outside of the left eyebrow. This will be the left outside point of the fringe.

Create the right outside point of the fringe by combing down diagonally from the point created in step 1 toward the outside of the right eyebrow. However, on the right side edge, the line will begin diagonally and then will turn straight down to end over the centre of the eyebrow. See the diagram for guidance.

Comb this section and make sure it is separated from the rest of the hair.

Comb the section of hair from left to right. Use a comb with fine teeth and pull the hair taut in the comb. Stop the comb with the hair pulled tight. The comb should be lying horizontally across the side of the head.

Twist the comb over one turn away from the face with the hair still being held taut in the comb. The teeth of the comb will help hold the hair taut as you turn the comb.

Place your fingers at the point along the hair where the comb is. Your index finger will be on top of the hair section and your other fingers will be on the underside of the hair section. Slowly remove the comb and slide your fingers down the hair section to the length you desire for the shortest part of the fringe. Your fingers should be lying horizontally across the side of the head in the same way the comb was in step 1.

Cut the hair off horizontally on the right side of your fingers. Make sure you cut the entire section of hair evenly and bluntly.

Comb the hair back over the other way across the forehead (right to left). The side fringe should lie across the forehead with the shortest side above the right eyebrow and the fringe getting gradually longer as it crosses the face. Check the fringe length. If it is the length desired, you are finished. If it is not short enough, repeat steps 1 through 4 to make it slightly shorter.


Cut the fringe in increments. It is best to go through the cutting steps and cut a small amount of hair off, check the length, and cut it again to make sure it doesn't end up too short.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair-cutting shears
  • Fine-tooth comb
  • Hair clip


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