How to use a beard trimmer

Updated July 20, 2017

Beard trimmers are easy to use and more versatile than a regular razor. A beard trimmer can be set at different lengths to give men many more options with their beard styles. Beard trimmers come with a trimmer guard that allows adjustment to how much beard will be cut off.

Look into the mirror and trim neck hair without the trimmer guard on the beard trimmer. This will ensure a close cut to remove all the neck hair that makes a beard look sloppy.

Adjust the trimmer guard to the length of beard you desire.

Trim the beard using slow and smooth upward strokes. Moving the trimmer upwards will make the beard hair stand up because the trimmer is moving in the opposite direction that the beard is growing.

Touch up the beard using the beard trimmer. Make sure the chin line is straight and the beard is even on both sides of the face.


If you're not sure what trimmer guard length to set, set it high and gradually move it down until the proper length is found.


A beard trimmer can cut skin if not used properly. Keep away from children.

Things You'll Need

  • Mirror


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