How to Replace Headlights on a VW Touareg

Updated April 17, 2017

Routine maintenance on your Volkswagen Touareg can be expensive, especially when it comes to replacing headlights. There may be limited ways to save money on the headlight itself, but you can cut out the mechanic's fees by installing it on your own.

Turn off any of the Touareg's components that use electricity, then turn off the ignition and take out the key.

Open the Touareg's bonnet and locate the locking bolt on the side of the headlight bracket. Gently push the headlight while turning the locking bolt to the open position (as marked on the bracket). You will feel the headlight move forward.

Pull the headlight out through the Touareg's fender until you feel pressure. Press down the locking clip (located to the right of the locking bolt) and pull the headlight away from the vehicle.

Test the connector in the headlight bracket to make sure the light will fit. Then place the headlight into the guides (the grooves or tracks that the headlight slides in on) and slide it into the fender. You will hear a click when the headlight is properly set.

Turn the locking bolt to the closed position as marked on the bracket until you feel it resist. Gently push against the headlight and turn the bolt back towards the open arrow until it makes a noise.

Inspect the headlight to make sure it is evenly positioned. Insert the key into the ignition and turn on the headlight to make sure it works. Adjust the headlight's aim as needed.


You do not have to disconnect the battery in order to change the Touareg's headlight. Make sure the guides are clean before installing the new headlight.


Do-it-yourself repairs could void your Touareg's warranty. Check all documents before you begin. Do not force any parts beyond the points marked on them, as this could cause damage.


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