How to Replace a Corsa Instrument Cluster

Speedometer image by mashe from

The instrument cluster in your Corsa is a key electrical component that provides information such as your current speed and fuel level. If your cluster malfunctions, you should remove it and repair or replace it.

You can obtain tools as well as replacement bulbs and a replacement cluster from your local auto parts store.

Open the bonnet of your Corsa. Detach the negative battery cable with a wrench.

Locate the rubber trim on the dashboard that surrounds the instrument cluster. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws that secure the trim. Pull the trim away from the dash.

Remove the three mounting screws from the instrument cluster. Slide the cluster halfway out of the dash. Reach around the rear of the cluster and remove the electrical connector. Lift the cluster out of the vehicle.

Locate the damaged bulbs in the cluster and unscrew them in a counterclockwise direction until they come free. Discard them in either the trash or recycling. Replace the discarded bulbs with new working bulbs.

To reattach the instrument cluster or to install a new one, follow the removal steps in reverse. Reconnect the negative battery cable and start the engine to test the indicator lights in your instrument cluster.