How to change a bulb in a Ford Ka

Courtesy of Ford UK

Running a car can be expensive at the best of times, but properly maintaining a car can help save money in the long run. Changing the headlight bulb on a Ford Ka has long held a reputation for being a difficult task to complete. However, with a little care and concentration you can complete this everyday maintenance task for just the small price of a replacement bulb.

Open the bonnet and locate the back of the headlight -- look for a roundish black plastic cover, held in by a metal clip on the side of the vehicle on which the bulb needs replacing.

Remove the clip gently and take off the plastic cover to reveal the black plugs.

Detach the selected plug from the headlight. This should come off without too much effort or force to reveal a round fitting that houses the bulb itself.

Flip the clip to un-house the bulb from the fitting, making the bulb visible. Grip the bulb connector with one hand and the bulb itself with the other, then pull carefully in opposite directions to release the old bulb. Replace the new bulb directly in its place.

Reverse the whole process, rehousing the bulb into the fitting. Don't forget to put the bulb back to connect the lights.

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