Corsa B Tow Bar Fitting Instructions

Chris Jackson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Vauxhall Corsa is a compact European hatchback that is manufactured as a three-door model. The Vauxhall Corsa is compatible with a tow bar. To install a tow bar on your Corsa, it requires the removal of the rear bumper and several other components.

You will also need a Vauxhall Corsa tow bar kit, available at most auto parts shops. To install and fit a tow bar to your Corsa, complete the steps below.

Park your Vauxhall Corsa on level ground.

Detach the screws that surround the rear bumper, using a screwdriver turning counterclockwise.

Detach all of the nuts from underneath the wheel arches with a wrench in order to release the wheel arch mouldings and rear bumper tips of your Corsa.

Cut out a 140mm by 50mm piece of the bottom edge of the rear bumper carefully with the use of a reciprocating saw in order to reveal and remove the Corsa's metal impact beam.

Detach the trim at the back panel of the bumper and detach its bolts with the use a power drill.

Place the plates (included with the tow bar kit) at either end of the Corsa's panel, and then detach its bolts with a power drill.

Place the centre tube (included with the tow bar kit) below the Corsa's spare wheel pan and then remove the spare wheel and the central bolt with a power drill.

Assemble the cross bar (included with the tow bar kit) and screw in the central bolt with a large flat washer.

Straighten the cross bar with your hands to align it with the Corsa's rear body and remove the bolts with a power drill. Place large washers with the bolts and screw them back in using a power drill.

Re-attach and tighten all bolts that were removed from your Corsa and then reattach the impact beam, spare wheel, rear bumper, and the wheel arches.