How to Replace a Headlight in a Renault Megane

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The headlight in your Renault Megane is not accessible from the front of the vehicle. Instead, a complex procedure is needed to change the headlights. While many Megane owners choose to have a shop do the work for them, "do-it-yourself" individuals might be surprised that the Megane's headlight replacement can be a three- to four-hour service job. This is largely due to the Megane's front bumper and bumper design.

Loosen the lug nuts on the front wheels by turning them one-quarter turn counterclockwise using a tire wrench. Do not unseat the wheel from the wheel hub. The only reason for doing this is to make it easier to remove the lug nuts when the wheels are off the ground.

Raise the vehicle onto jack stands. Jack up on the jack point behind the radiator and place jack stands under the front pinch welds of the Megane under the front doors. Then, lower the vehicle onto the jack stands.

Finish removing the lug nuts with a tire wrench and pull the tire off the wheel hub.

Remove the inner wheel-liner screws using a screwdriver and pull the wheel liner down.

Pry the access panel off the inner wheel well to expose the access hole to the headlight assembly. You won't be able to easily see what you're doing in here, so you'll need to do this largely by feel.

Squeeze the release tabs on the headlight connector and pull the connector off the back of the headlight.

Pull the spring clip off of the back of the headlight and the headlight will come out of the headlight assembly with no trouble.

Insert the new headlight into the back of the housing assembly through the access hole in the wheel well. Installation of the removed components is the reverse of removal.

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