How to replace Getz dash lightbulbs

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Broken dashboard lights? For safety reasons, it is important to replace any worn out or broken dash light bulbs in your Hyundai Getz. This should be done immediately so that information such as current speed and remaining fuel can be consistently monitored. By purchasing the bulbs at a local car parts shop and replacing them yourself, you can make sure you are not paying out for any unnecessary mechanic fees.

Open the bonnet of the Getz and locate the battery. Using a wrench, loosen the clamp attaching the negative cable to the battery. Remove the negative cable to ensure it is safe to work on the cars electronics.

Sit into the drivers seat of your car. Locate the levers in behind the steering wheel to allow you to adjust it's height. Move the steering wheel to it's lowest point to allow clear access to the dash panel.

Remove the dash bezel by loosening the two screws holding it in place using a Phillips screwdriver. Gently pull the bezel from around the panel.

Remove the panel from the dash using a Phillips screwdriver to take out the three screws holding it in place. To access the wiring behind the panel, slide it slightly to the side. Disconnect the electrical connector to fully remove the panel from the dash.

Find the broken bulbs and replace them with new ones. Screw out the broken bulbs in an anticlockwise direction until they can be pulled out. Insert the new bulbs and screw them in a clockwise direction until they are firmly in place. Reattach the panel to the dash by following the steps in reverse.

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