How to Make Breast Forms

Breast forms are used by the cross-dressing and transgendered community to give the illusion of having real breasts where no breasts exist. Some women use breast forms to enhance what they already have or to fill out a dress for a special occasion. Whatever your reason for using breast forms, you don't have to pay a lot of money to have them available. You can make breast forms at home with some simple supplies.

Stretch two knee-highs with your hand to remove some of the initial elasticity. It is best to use new knee-highs to make sure you get a pair with no runs. Check for runs as you are stretching the knee-highs. Runs will make the knee-high less likely to hold up when you insert the flaxseed. If you find a run, it is best to discard the knee-high and start again.

Insert the funnel into the top of the knee-high and pour in the flaxseed. Keep the bra you will be using with the breast forms close by and check the size of the breast form by placing it in the cup of the bra. If you need to fill the entire bra cup, keep filling the knee-high with flaxseed until it is the same size as the cup. If you are using it for enhancement, make your best guess while filling the knee-high. Only you know how much space you need to fill, and you will try the breast form on for size later. Be careful with the funnel and if you get a run in the knee-high, discard and start over.

Tie the knee-high closed with a simple knot. Make sure the knot will hold, but don't pull it too tight. It should be able to be easily undone in case changes need to be made.

Try the breast forms on after three days. The nylon will stretch to better accommodate the flaxseed over a few days. Put on the bra you will be using with the breast forms and put the forms in place. If the bra wrinkles, you have too little seed in your breast forms. Remove the form, remove the knot from the form and add some more seed. Keep adding seed and trying on the form until you have a full, natural look. If the bra cup overflows, you have too much seed. Remove the form, remove the knot from the form and remove some seed. Keep removing seed and trying on the form until you reach that perfect fit.

Remove the extra nylon. Once you have the amount of seed that you want, pull the knot in the knee-high tight and cut off the additional nylon.

Wear the breast form in private at first. Body heat will cause the form to adjust to the body and take a more natural shape.

Things You'll Need

  • Knee-high nylon stockings
  • Flaxseed
  • Funnel
  • Bra
  • Scissors
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