How to Put on a Bodysuit Images

Bodysuits became a fashion phenomenon with the advent of jazzercise and 1980s exercise videos. However, modern bodysuits, like corsets, actually work to shape the body by applying thermal pressure as you wear the garment. The body shapers push on your body to make you look thinner but also transform your body, whether you want to make an area more firm or contract your waist. In addition, bodysuits help you achieve a slimmer look underneath your clothes.

Purchase a bodysuit or body shaper to go underneath your clothes. Bodysuits come in latex or microfiber fabrics and can be short layers or full cover bodysuits. A body shaper sucks in your body, giving you a firmer, slimmer look.

Step into the bodysuit, then pull it tight to your pelvis and buttocks. Wear the body shaper as a layer underneath tops, dresses and jackets.

Wear a firmer control body shaper to increase weight loss. Pull the bodysuit on and have someone help you pull the corset together, fitting the hooks and eyes together up to your chest. Adjust the straps for firmer chest support.

Increase weight loss by wearing a firm control body shaper every day. These bodysuits fit very tight to the stomach, waist, hip, thighs, buttocks and legs to mould your body the way you want.

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