What is XXXL in sizes?

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Learning the definition of XXXL in clothing sizes can help you choose the correct garments for yourself and determine whether you need XXXL clothes.

Clothes sizes can be written in many different ways, but a common method that is often used in T-shirts and many other clothes is to differentiate between small, medium, large and extra large clothes. Although the acronym is technically incorrect, each "X" in XXXL stands for "extra."

Men's XXXL: Chest and sleeve

An XXXL men's shirt size has an accepted ordinary size, although this may differ with some clothes manufacturers. Generally speaking, an XXXL shirt would be made to fit a man with a chest measurement of between 137 and 142 cm (54 and 56 inches). Take chest measurements by wrapping a tape measure around the chest, just underneath the armpits. This measurement is the same for both men and women. The sleeve length of an XXXL shirt would be between 96.5 and 97.8 cm (38 and 38.5 inches) in length. Take a sleeve length measurement by measuring the distance from the hand, all the way up the arm to the centre of the back of the neck.

Men's XXXL: Hip

The measurement at the hips is used to determine the right sized trousers for men and trousers or skirts for women. A men's XXXL size hip measurement is anything between 134 and 140 cm (53 and 55 inches) around. Stand opposite the person you wish to measure or in front of a mirror if you are measuring yourself. Determine the widest part of the hips and take the measurement around the hips at that point. Larger sizes (up to XXXXXL) are available if a man is larger than 140 cm (55 inches) at the hip.

Womens' XXXL: Chest and sleeve

A women's XXXL shirt is designed to fit women with chest measurements of between 120 and 123 cm (47 and 48.5 inches) around. Bear in mind that this is distinct from a bust measurement, which would be taken slightly lower down than the chest measurement. The sleeve measurement for an XXXL women's shirt is between 89 and 90.2 cm (35 and 35.5 inches) long. Take these measurements in the same way as they are done for men.

Women's XXXL: Hip

An XXXL size women's skirt or pair of trousers would measure between 122 and 125.7 cm (48 and 49.5 inches) at the hip. Unlike men's measurements, this is actually larger than the chest measurement, to allow for the difference in shape between men and women. Take this measurement at the largest part of the hip.