How to Know If You Have Broad Shoulders

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Some of us are just born with broad shoulders. Both men and women can have broad shoulders as opposed to narrow or slouched shoulders. Some people with broad shoulders may prefer their shoulders as it adds the perception of bulk and size. In either sex, broad shoulders can cause difficulty when picking out new clothes because of the design of some clothing.

Remove any top clothing, such as shirts, blouses, or coats.

Stand in front of a mirror, facing the mirror. Allow your arms to hang naturally relaxed at your sides.

Look at how your shoulder is positioned when your arms are relaxed. If your shoulder creates a kind of right angle from your body, you have broad shoulders. In other words, individuals with broad shoulders may have a larger than normal space between the arm and the torso when the arm is hanging relaxed. Particularly, the elbow may angle outward more than someone with narrow shoulders.

Look at your shoulder itself. People with broad shoulders often have very prominent shoulder bones. This refers to the top bone surface of the shoulder or the acromion and the acromial angle on the outermost section of the shoulder.

Put on a shirt and note the way the shoulder and arm seams fall. If you have broad shoulders, the seams may come in too far on the sleeve or the sleeves may appear short or snug.

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