How to Take Out the Hard Drive From an Acer Travelmate

Updated April 17, 2017

Over time, the hard disk drive on your Acer Travelmate will become full from all those family photos, word documents and new programs you've installed. If you are running out of room, you can easily replace the hard drive with a new unit that has more storage capacity.

Save all of the files and folders you will need from your current hard drive to another source, such as a USB memory stick or a rewritable CD or DVD. Purchase a new hard drive that is sized to fit inside a laptop (see Resources).

Shut down the Acer Travelmate's operating system completely and then close the top lid. Unplug the power cable and remove any other peripherals that you have connected to the Travelmate. Flip the Acer laptop over so that the bottom of the case is facing up toward you.

Press down on the black, rectangular release latch at the top of the case. Push down on the battery and slide it out of the case. Set the battery aside.

Find the screw at the lower right of the case that holds the hard-drive cover in place. Use a screwdriver to remove the screw and then set it aside. Pull off the plastic cover so the hard drive is visible.

Grab the white ribbon connected to the hard drive and pull to the right so the hard drive disconnects from the motherboard. Check the orientation of the replacement hard drive and make sure the white stickers are facing upward.

Slide the new hard drive into the open slot and continue to press it gently inward until it is snugly in place. Place the plastic cover back onto the case and reattach the screw. Snap the battery back into the case.

Turn the laptop back over, open the lid and turn on the computer. Open the CD drive and place the recovery CD in the tray. Close the tray and follow the prompts that will appear on the screen to install the operating system on the new hard drive.


Always release the built-up static electricity in your body prior to handling computer components, by touching any metal object that is firmly connected to the floor.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
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