How to copy my karaoke songs to memory cards

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Whether you are a serious karaoke singer or you sing just for fun, it is recommended to save all of your favourite karaoke songs onto a memory card. This is more beneficial than saving onto CDs, because memory cards have a larger storage space.

In addition, memory cards are not prone to scratches, making their lifespan much longer. Therefore, your music is protected and easily accessible.

Acquire a flash drive or an SD memory card reader. SD readers are recommended because the storage space is much higher than a flash drive. It is common for most SD cards to have at least one gigabyte of storage space, while flash drives may hold several hundred megabytes.

Insert the storage device into your computer's USB port. Go to "My Computer" and select the removable storage device icon. Open the folder and view its contents.

Locate the karaoke files that you want to copy. Click the "Start" button and type the name of each song into the search bar if you are having trouble locating the files.

Copy the songs. Right click a song and select "Copy." Click each file while pressing the "Ctrl" button to select more than one.

Transfer the songs. Right click a blank space in the removable storage device's folder and select "Paste." Wait while the songs are transferred onto your memory card.

Disconnect the removable storage device. Click the device icon on the quick start menu and select "Eject." Remove the device when you are prompted to.