How to de-restrict a peugeot speedfight 100cc

speed 3 image by Diorgi from

Peugeot Speedfight 100cc scooters have restricting washers inside their drive belt system. The washer’s design is to limit the amount of energy that moves from the engine to the drive belt system. This prevents the engine from overworking if the Speedfight’s operator runs the scooter full throttle.

Opening up the drive belt system and removing this washer will de-restrict the Peugeot Speedfight 100cc scooter.

Remove the bolts holding the faceplate of the drive belt’s case in place. The drivebelt case is the metallic box connected to the left side of the rear tire. The front of the drivebelt case starts underneath the Speedfight’s seat. The bolts are positioned around the outside of the case and are easy to unscrew using a socket wrench with an extender, particularly the bolts on the bottom of the case. Upon removing the bolts, only the kick-start will hold the faceplate of the drive-belt case in place.

Pull the Speedfight’s kick-start and the faceplate off of the case housing the drive belt.

Strap the drive-belt system’s forward pulley in place with a locking strap wrench.

Hold the handle of the locked strap wrench as you loosen and remove the bolt securing the pulley wheel within the drive-belt case.

Disengage the wheel from the drive-belt system, being careful not to lose the spacing washer and the metal piece that connects to the kic-start, allowing it to crank the drive belt.

Remove the restricting washer — clearly visible at the base of the rod — to which the front pulley wheel was attached.

Assemble the drive-belt system, cover the drive belt system’s case with its faceplate and secure the faceplate with its bolts.