How to Replace the Battery on a Philips GoGear ViBE

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

The GoGear ViBE is a small, portable MP3 player that Philips Electronics markets as an alternative to the iPod nano. In most cases you won't need to replace your GoGear ViBE's rechargeable battery. However, if you do have cause to replace the battery yourself, you should take care; opening the ViBE's case will immediately invalidate the product's warranty.

Turn off your GoGear ViBE MP3 player.

Unscrew the single Phillips head screw that is located on the back side of the device.

Pop the external casing off the back of the ViBE MP3 player.

Pull the rectangular battery out of the device.

Snap the new battery into place.

Replace the external casing and reattach the Phillips head screw.

Dispose of the old battery at an approved battery disposal centre. You should not throw the battery out with normal garbage.

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