How to Remove the Hard Drive in a Presario 6000

hard drive interior image by Curtis Sorrentino from

There are many reasons you may want to remove the hard drive from your Compaq Presario 6000. Whether you have an infected drive, want to add more storage to your computer or for any other purpose, removing the hard drive isn't difficult. The Presario 6000 is a desktop computer that has the hard drive in the bottom of the computer tower, so it will be right in the front once you remove the tower's panel.

Turn off your computer and disconnect the power cable and any other cables, including those that run to modems, routers, monitors or anything else that can send an electric current to your computer tower.

Lay the computer on its side with the access panel (the side with the pull grip) facing up. Remove the hand screw that secures the access panel to the computer tower--it is popping out on the back edge of the computer. Slide the access panel back and lift it up and off the tower.

Remove the front panel by gently lifting the top of the panel away from the tower. On the inside of the front panel, press the centre two tabs located on the interior of the front panel to release the panel and then pull it from the tower. Pry the panel off by starting at the top, pushing in the two tabs so the rest of the panel can disconnect.

Lift the release tab on the latch drive brackets, which are next to your hard drive on the sides of the drive bay. Slide the tab back and then slide the hard drive out of the bay.

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