How to write your name in bubble letters

Updated November 21, 2016

All kids like to doodle their names on their notebooks. Even adults can have fun writing their names in bubble letters. It's a classic doodle, and it's easy to do. Names that are written in bubble letters have all the letters of the name stuck to one another like bubbles! The letters are shaped like plumper versions of regular letters. Once you've written your name in bubble letters, it can be fun to decorate them or colour them to make them look festive.

Write your name in large capital letters. Make sure to leave more space than usual between the letters and to make the letters slightly taller than you usual.

Start making a bubble out of your first letter. Let's say for example, that your name is "Tom." Put your pencil about 1/4 of an inch above the top of the "T."

Follow the "T" shape, across the top of the "T" and then down and around, making a rounded outline all the way around the letter with that 1/4 inch bubble space. Eventually you'll return to the spot where you started. Erase the original "T" in the middle of your letter.

Do the same with your next letter. This time, put your pencil at the top right edge of your "T," and make a 1/4 inch space around the outside of your "O." When you've completed the bubble around your "O," don't erase the inside "O," but keep it as the centre of your bubble. Always start the next letter at the top righthand side of the previous letter. Each subsequent letter should be attached to the first. Erase original marks inside letters as necessary.

Decorate the bubble letters as desired. Some people like to colour them in, fill them with stripes or dots or designs. As you get good at bubble lettering, you won't have to draw the skeletal version of the name inside your letters, you'll be able to draw bubble letters freehand, and have them all connect in an appealing way.


Bubbling your name outdoors on cement with chalk is a fun alternative.


Making bubble letters can be addictive - once you start with your name, you may find yourself bubbling words on posters and memos.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • paper
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