How to Put Hair Extensions on a Grip Clip to Make It Like a Ponytail

Updated February 21, 2017

Not everyone is blessed to have long, healthy hair. Hair extensions are an amazing way to add length to your hair, up to 30 inches with the help of a grip clip. You can also have hair extensions professionally glued to your hair at the salon. Any length longer than 30 inches can add too much weight on the scalp and may damage it. Using grip clips is the fastest way to attach it to your hair. Real hair is attached to the grip clip and you can clip it to your hair anytime and anywhere for a dramatic change in hair length.

Practice using the clip. Open and close the clip several times to make sure you're able to do it correctly when you are not looking. Apply pressure toward yourself to open the clip and apply pressure away from you to close the clip.

Part your hair horizontally, about 1 inch above your ears using a tail comb. Lift all the hair above the part and clip it toward the front hair using a hair clamp.

Open all clips of all the extensions. Attach each one to your own hair with the clips horizontally and all in the same line. Make sure the clip snaps to close. Feel the clips with your finger to feel any gap between the clip and your head. If there is a gap, repeat the step and get the clip as close to your head as possible.

Remove the hair clamp and put down your hair. Comb your hair with your fingers or the tail comb to remove any tangles.

Tame all frizz using a small dab of hair serum. Only apply the serum to your real hair. Put the hair tie around your wrist and comb your hair freely and lift it up.

Let the tail hang and pull the tail through the hair tie. A soft ponytail is advised, as tight ponytails can damage your scalp when hair is pulled too tight. Use hairspray to finish the look.


There are several ways to create a ponytail with hair extensions. It all depends on your real hair length. These steps are best suited for shorter hair that is not long enough for ponytails. If you have longer hair, you can create the same look by creating a ponytail with your real hair, and pinning the hair extensions under the ponytail hiding the clips.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair extensions
  • Grip clip
  • Hair setting spray
  • Serum
  • Tail comb
  • Hair clamp
  • Hair tie
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