How to paint stars on the wall

Updated February 21, 2017

Delight a child by transforming his room into an expansive night sky by painting a wall with shimmering stars--large, medium and small. The ceiling can be painted as well to create a feeling of being out of doors after the sun has gone down. Stars painted in silver metallic or iridescent paint are best against a blue wall.

In a random manner, hold the mat board star templates against the wall in the top one-third area down from the ceiling. Trace around the different size star templates with a pencil. Trace many stars in different sizes, but they shouldn't be too close to each other (denoting distance--some appear close, some far away). Leave room on the wall to paint stars with the star-shaped sponges. This will add interest to the whole design. For protection, lay plastic sheets or newspaper pages on the floor by the wall to catch spills. Use a ladder to reach high spots.

Using a small foam brush, paint in the traced stars with silver metallic paint. Stay inside the traced lines. If an error is made, simply adjust the design of the star with the side of the foam brush. Depending on the colour of the wall paint, it may be necessary to add a second coat.

Pour a little silver metallic paint into a paper plate. Dip a star-shaped sponge into the paint so that the sponge has paint completely on the star shape. Don't put too much on the sponge, or it will run. Try practicing on a plain sheet of paper or newspaper how much paint to put on it. Apply the sponge onto an area of the wall. Press gently. Large stars may require using both hands. Remove the sponge. Do it again on another part of the wall. Let dry.


An alternative for silver metallic paint can be glow-in-the-dark or iridescent paint. The colour of the wall should be taken into consideration when choosing paint colour for the stars.


Paint in well ventilated area. If painting the ceiling, wear goggles.

Things You'll Need

  • Star templates (3 sizes) from mat board
  • Sponges cut in the shape of stars (3)
  • Pencil
  • Water based paint-silver metallic
  • Paper plates (for sponge stars)
  • Foam brushes (small)
  • Plastic sheet or newspaper (to protect floor)
  • Ladder
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