How to Decorate a Teapot

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A plain ceramic teapot is just begging for decoration. Upgrade your teapot from blah to fabulous, and it will make a good gift or addition to your own tea set. You don't have to be a professional artist to add embellishment to a teapot, and all the supplies you need are available at a craft store.

Buy several teapots, and have a party, including tea and snacks, where all your guests get to turn a teapot into their own work of art.

Wash the teapot thoroughly and dry it off, so you are starting with a clean slate. You need to remove any dust or dirt from the teapot so the paint will go on smoother.

Lay some newspaper down on your work area so the mess doesn't damage anything.

Sketch a few templates on the teapot to give you guidelines of where to paint your design. Easy designs for beginners are large flowers, hearts, swirls and dots. Pencilling them in first may make you more comfortable when it's time to paint.

Paint your designs on to the teapot. Do large areas first that require only one colour, and use a bigger brush.

Add detail to the designs with other colours and smaller brushes.

Spray a clear sealer spray over the finished teapot to set the paint.

Allow the teapot to dry per the instructions on the paint. For ceramic paints, your teapot may need to be baked to fire and set the paint. Acrylic paints don't need to be baked; they just need to air dry.