How to Paint Anaglypta Wallpaper

Stone carving in the ruins of Bayon. image by Arik from

"Anaglypta" is Greek for "raised design" and the wallpaper has been embossed so that it's covered in textured patterns. It's used to cover defects in walls and ceilings as well as for the decorative and architectural element it adds to the room's decor Anaglypta wallpaper can mimic any surface, from wainscoting to carved marble to punched tin. It is white and looks elegant left unadorned but it is designed to be painted.

Allow newly hung paper dry for at least 48 hours before you apply the first coat of paint. Vacuum thoroughly to remove any dust; use white glue to fasten any loose seams or corners.

Take down any pictures or other wall decorations. Remove switch plates, outlet covers and other hardware from the walls with the screwdriver. Remove draperies. Tape the edges of baseboards, windows and door mouldings and ceiling with the painter's tape. Cover the floors and furniture with tarps or plastic sheeting.

Brush, roll or spray primer over the entire surface of the wallpaper. When it has dried, check carefully for missed areas; touch up any bare spots. Allow the wallpaper to dry thoroughly, at least 12 hours.

Brush, roll or spray paint over the entire surface of the wallpaper using your base colour. Allow to dry thoroughly, at least 12 hours.

Paint the raised design carefully with the highlight colour using a sponge or small brush. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Remove the tarps or plastic sheeting from the floors. Peel the painter's tape carefully from the woodwork and ceiling. Replace the switch plates, outlet covers and hardware. Rehang draperies, pictures and other wall ornaments.

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